October 2nd, 2014 By Carrie Dever
Our resort is under new ownership and the improvements have been substantial in just this first year. Remodels to both day lodges, a new tubing park, a powered ski ramp to transport beginners up the hill while learning were just a few completed last year. But this season will provide, by far, the largest addition to the visitor experience with the installation of the HIGH SPEED QUAD - replacing the Giant Steps Lift. What a huge impact for the upcoming year. We were all excited watching it being installed and now can't wait for that first speedy ride up the hill.  Brian Head continues to provide the nearest and most pristine recreational experience to all of the southwest so don't wait for prices to escalate again - call me toll free anytime to discuss listing your property or schedule an appointment to look around. I would love the opportunity to work for you and as always I greatly appreciate my loyal clients and friends who have aided in my success over the years!